20 Cat Eye Nails for a Beautiful, Velvety Look

Velvet nails, or magnetic nails, offer a simple yet impactful way to elevate your style. By using a special magnetic gel polish with iron fragments, you can create unique designs that draw attention.

Whether you prefer subtle elegance or bold patterns, these nails are sure to impress. Additionally, you can use the same magnetic polish to create cat eye nails, which feature a captivating galaxy-like design formed by concentrating the magnet along a single line on the nail.

Although velvet and cat eye nails are distinct techniques, they are often grouped together under magnetic nails, providing you with a range of options to explore in this article.

1. Red-Y Or Not

    2. Spacegirl

    Short silver velvet nails

    3. Grape Juice

    Purple velvet nails with silver glitter

    4. Copper Top

    Brown cat eye nails

    5. Goldilocks

    Gold velvet French tip nails

    6. Malachite Mani

    Short emerald green velvet nails

    7. Comic Book Claws

    Purple velvet nails with pop art

    8. Nail Lover

    Red velvet nails with hearts for Valentines Day

    9. Sheen And Clear

    Light pink and champagne cat eye nails

    10. Berries And Cream

    Pink and burgundy cat eye nails

    11. Dipped In Gold

    Silver cat eye nails with gold

    12. Aquamarine

    Light blue cat eye nails

    13. You’re A Firework

    Rainbow velvet nails on a black base

    14. White Fox

    Black cat eye nails

    15. Northern Lights

    Black and green galaxy cat eye nails with stars

    16. Talking To The Moon

    Light blue velvet French tip nails with crystals

    17. Saturday Night Fever

    Purple cat eye nails

    18. In The Jungle

    Short light green velvet nails

    19. Big Apple

    Pink velvet nails with glitter

    20. All The Colors

    Short pastel velvet nails
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